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Outdoor advertising meshes

Meshes are outdoor advertising tools placed on windowless facades of buildings, and they are situated in areas with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


  • They stand out in the busy urban agglomeration because of their big dimensions and their uptown locations, where no other advertising stands can be placed.
  • Very big dimensions, with surfaces between 20 and 100 sqm
  • They can be placed on the scaffoldings around buildings for the duration of the constructions
  • Suited for national campaigns and product campaigns
Meshes and publicity cases are big dimension advertising spaces on buildings that usually have over 20 sqm and are fastened to the windowless facades of buildings.

The material is a perforated textile called mesh. The specific weight of this material is much lower than other materials used in advertising and allows the wind to pass through it in order to not affect the buildings integrity or it's exterior finish.

The mesh and publicity cases are illuminated with either projectors or inside LED lights during the night, just like backlits..

Mesh type advertising spaces or publicity cases have bold graphic designs that pull eyes in crowded locations. The graphic design for these type of advertising stands has to be airy, simple, it has to contain visual elements and colors that attract attention and the information need to be concise.

The spaces can have very different formats according to the building's facade. It is imperative to adapt the graphic design of a campaign to these formats, which implies creating different graphic designs for the same campaign, according to the format of the different advertising stands used.

Meshes and publicity cases are authorized by the respective City Halls, according to 185/2015 and 50/1991 laws.


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