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Unipoles are very large billboards, placed along highways and European roads. They offer high impact means of communication.


  • Placed along highways and European roads
  • They have extreme dimensions: 8.00 x 3.00 m, 8.00 x 4.00 m, 14.00 x 4.00 m, 8.00 x 9.00 m
  • Ideal for brand awareness or brand launch
  • Suited for national campaigns and product campaigns
  • Very high traffic exposure for low costs

The Unipoles in our network are impressive billboards (8.00 x 4.00m, 12.00 x 5.00 m, 14.00 x 4.00 m). They have considerable heights compared to the terrain, placed outside cities, along highly busy roads.

For persons that find themselves in traffic between cities, these billboards are amongst the few efficient channels of communication.

They are placed along highways, national and European roads, bypass roads, all with intense traffic, being a very good way of communication with the passengers of the vehicles on the roads.

For maximum impact, we place the unipoles in areas with little visual competition and high traffic, meaning that ideally, there are not many other things in the vicinity to pull your eyes from it. The graphic designs will be adapted for this format to allow easy reading from a distance.

They are perfect for popular brands, national companies, the impact on public being very high, considering the high traffic exposure.

A single location well placed can have a bigger impact than several locations with no or little visibility. That is why, no matter if you choose our locations or other company's ones, always check the locations.


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