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The main costs of a campaign are divided in four categories:
1. Graphic design for the displayed materials
2. Printing and production of the displayed material
3. The installation of the material on the advertising stands
4. Advertising services for the entire exposure time period, that also include the local advertising tax

The price of the services can differ depending on the length of the campaign, the location of the advertising billboards used in the campaign, the season and on the fact that we offer discounts to our clients if they choose a longer campaign. If you choose a bigger and longer campaign, we can offer free graphic design, print and installation on a discounted price.

The offer must be made according to your needs, so please  contact us in order to establish what you need and we will make you an offer.

Every billboard billboard is unique, so the price of services can be very different depending on the location of the billboards you choose, the dimension, and the amount of people that see your add. Request an offer, and we will answer in maximum 48 hours.

The print process takes place at our production facility, using UV or solvent technology, depending on the length and type of the campaign. The prices will be calculated per square meter. Usually the printed material needs to be bigger than the stand in order for the installation to be possible. 

For example, considering a 6.00*3.00m billboard, having two displayable sides, we will need two 6.20*3.20 m banners, so the billable print surface will be 39.68 sqm. We have competitive custom prices, depending on the order.

The biggest advantage that we offer is that we assume the responsibility for the printed material for the length of the campaign. For details, find out more here.

The installation is an activity done by high altitude work qualified personnel of our company. We either speak of utilitarian climbers or installation workers, they are skilled professionals, they work with responsibility and care for them and for the passers by.

The prices for installations can differ according to the type and location of the advertising stand and conditioned to the size and length of your campaign, there are discounts or special prices available to you.

According to article 477 in 227/2015 law of Fiscal Code and Point 150 of 1/2016 Government Decision, the submission and payment of the local advertising tax is the obligation of the beneficiary of the advertising campaign. This is due to the City Hall in the area where the billboard is placed. Each City Hall decides the amount of this tax, it can be between 1 and 3% of the advertising services amount. This tax is due before 10th of each month and must be submitted by a monthly declaration.

This tax is due before 10th of each month and must be submitted by a monthly declaration. Now let's try to simplify what we just told you: the payment of local advertising tax is your obligation, as the beneficiary of the advertising campaign. This has to be paid every month, calculated as a percentage of the sum you pay for the advertising services. You have to submit a declaration and pay this tax to the local City Hall every month.

It seems complicated, right? Because it really is, but we are making things easy for you. We can deal with everything this implies so that you can make better use of your time to grow your business.

In the contract that we sign, we can stipulate that you can mandate us to submit , pay and keep in touch with local authorities for all these bureaucratic aspects, with no intervention on your part. The monthly declaration is automatically sent from our system towards the City Hall, so you can be sure this will not become an issue, and the local advertising tax will appear separately on your invoice, so it can be fiscally deducted.

ATTENTION! The local advertising tax is your obligation as the beneficiary of the campaign. There are many advertising agencies or outdoor advertising suppliers, that don't offer the service of submitting the monthly declarations and collecting this tax from the client in order to make the payment to the local authorities because it yields a load of work, but they also don't let their clients know that they owe this tax (that means you). In case of an audit, you are liable so no matter who you choose to work with, make sure you pay the local advertising tax.


The return of investment (ROI) - in the case of outdoor advertising - is, globally speaking 2,80. That means that for each euro you spend properly on outdoor advertising, you get almost three back. Who says that? BrandScience, a prestigious British media analyze and research institute which conducted a three years research involving over 600 outdoor advertising campaigns in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

If we consider combines campaigns - meaning outdoor and TV or online - ROI grows significant. The most important fact is that outdoor advertising is 47% more efficient while combined with online advertising.

It's more than likely that you never thought the outdoor adverting efficiency to be higher that that of the TV or printed advertising, although annually big budgets are assigned to these domains out of habit. For more details , read this.

If you understood that outdoor advertising can yield benefits but you doubt that it will work in your case, see the case studies and take a look over the opinions of our clients . If we could make it happen for them, we can do it for you too.

Here, at Penta Media Advertising, we don't just sell billboards, we actually help businesses grow. That means there is no specific rule that guides the campaign. We need to establish the objectives and we need for you to tell us what your target audience is. We know how to help you get in touch with them!

Yes, you can. You saw a billboard that you like? We need a GPS position from you or it's internal code that you can find on the identification plate and we will send you an offer.

If your business is in the neighborhood of that billboard you will have priority and even a special discount because that billboard can help direct the clients to your business. 

The length of any campaign depends entirely on your needs and objectives but we do recommend a minimum of 3 months. 

Why 3 months? On our experience this period is necessary for amortization of the initial investment - the making of the campaign, the print, the installation. Also, it is the minimum necessary period for any quantifiable effects to emerge from the campaign.

Considering the usual results of the outdoor advertising, there is a distinct possibility for you to request an extension of the campaign. We have clients that started 10 years ago and they are keeping the campaigns on, growing their budgets every year. If you find it hard to believe, take a look at Take a look at what they say about this.

As you can see in About us section, you can find us all over Romania, especially in the following counties: Cluj, Sălaj, Satu-Mare, Maramureş, Bihor, Alba, Sibiu, Arad, Timiş, Suceava, Braşov, Harghita, Mureş. We are continuously growing. 

We are from Ardeal, our logistics headquarter is in Sălaj county. We can offer billboards all over the country. If you want a full list of our advertising stands and an offer, please contact us.

In order to determine the number of displays in a campaign, we need to take into consideration the needs, the purposes and the expectations that you have. compiling all of these, we can find solutions to fit your campaign in the allocated budget. If you only want to direct the clients toward your business location, maybe 1 or 2 billboards can be enough, but if you want for people to know your brand in a city or a county, consider about 10 billboards and if you want to promote a product all over Romania, you will need a national campaign.

It's all about who you to reach and what is your target audience. If you know who your customers can be, we know how to approach them. For all these reasons, the question is not "How many billboards?" but "What do you want to get from the campaign?"

Your vision is important and we will try to implement it as well as possible but in many cases we will ask you to give up images, colors or many information which, even if at first glance they seem all right, but don't work for outdoor advertising. Always have in mind that in outdoor advertising you only have 5 seconds to impress your client. You can find more details about this in the section #How the graphic design should look

Always remember, our main goal is for your campaign to succeed. The wrong graphic design will yield unsatisfactory results.

Before campaign planning we need to define your purposes and expectations. For example, sales growth in a certain department, traffic growth in your store, the launch of a new product or brand awareness growth. The next step is verifying if your target audience assessment is correct. If you didn't identify it, we will help you do it and then we establish the necessary number of billboards used in the campaign to ensure its efficiency.

The budget is very important in this planning stage, so the above mentioned solutions need to be adjusted to your budget. While planning the campaign we consider the data you provided. We concentrate on the areas your potential clients could go, we look at the busy locations (commercial areas, business neighborhoods, residential areas, etc.). The format and location of the billboards are chosen taking into account the target audience and the content of the ad. The next step is presenting you with an offer using the integrated system dedicated to you (ERP Outdoor Management) where you can see the billboards in your campaign on an interactive map, with details, photographs and other features.

After establishing the budget and target audience, we prepare the graphic design and we discuss that with you. If you want to know how the graphic design should look, read this article. When the design is ready, you will receive a few visual simulations. Our graphic design department will adapt the chosen graphic design on the formats of every billboard included in your campaign.

Depending on the location of the advertising billboards, these can have different dimensions:

In the cities: 3.20x2.40 m or 4.00 x 3.00 m for backlit; different formats for mesh which differ according to the location, but start from 6.00 x 3.00 m up to 20.00 x 7.00 m.

Outside cities: 6.00 x 3.00 m, 8.00 x 4.00 m, 9.00 x 5.00 m or 14.00 x 4.00 m. 


Shure we canwe are even happy to because this gives us the opportunity to propose design options that work for outdoor advertising. In order for a campaign to be successful the design needs to be exciting, simple and suggestive. Remember, you only have 5 seconds to impress your client. Make them count. If you want to know more, read the article on graphic design.

Sure we can. We make all the prints used in the campaigns at our production facilities, using big dimension printers so clients gain precious time for their campaign.

We can make all the necessary prints at our facility using classic EcoSolvent technology or UV technology which guarantees a higher quality of colors and longer resistance to solar exposure.

Why print with us? Our prices are competitive and you save time because the print solution and the used graphic design are in the same place so logistics is simplified, you don't need to lose time coordinating several suppliers for the same outdoor campaign: graphic design companies, printing companies, outdoor advertising companies, installation companies and couriers.

In addition, the materials printed by us, displayed on our billboards, will have a warranty during installation and during the campaign. We fix any problem that arise or we replace the print in a timely manner. If you want to know more, see the print page.

We do. For the advertising stands that we own or that we operate, the installation is done only by our authorized personnel.

We can deliver all the products and services needed for your visual identity and promotion of your business, made by our group of companies. We mention here fliers or other printed products, vehicle customization, light boxes, volumetric company signs, online advertising, in other words, we can offer everything you need to interact with your clients and the market. 

If you need something, give us a call.

A national or a regional campaign we need to prepare a month in advance. We need time to establish the strategies, to choose the billboards, to make the graphic design, to print the material and install them. 

However, if we are talking about a local campaign and we can quickly agree on a graphic design, we can implement the campaign in a much shorter time. The longest activity during a campaign implementation is the making of the graphic design and obtain the good for print from you, in order to start printing. The print can be done in 24 hours, the same as the installation. But if you choose to print with another company, the printed materials need to be delivered to us 4 days prior to the start of the campaign.

If the graphic design is provided by you for the campaign, you need to send it in advance to us in order to be reviewed according to all governing laws (no 504/2002 including all later modifications, no 185/2013, along with other specific regulations). In case we see any non-conformities, we can help with the altering.

We reserve the right not to display on our billboards any sexual innuendos, explicit sexual themes, messages that incite social and sexual orientation discrimination, racism or ethnic segregation, messages that promote lack of trust in public institutions or references to fake acts or studies about human health and not least promotions that contain superlatives like "The best, The cheapest, The most...", without being based on a study that confirms these statements.

If you choose for us to make the graphic design for your campaign, we ask you to take into consideration the following:
1. Be honest with yourself and with your clients. We ask you for real data, up to date, that can really help us understand your challenges. We will consider all the data that you provide as real, so if proven wrong, you will be liable for all legal aspects.
2. Obey the copyright law. Do not provide images , colors, logos that can be viewed as an infringement on the rights of others, companies or private persons, even of your competitors. Try to be original, you have much more to gain.
3. Your vision is important and we will try to implement it as well as possible but in many cases we will ask you to give up images, colors or many information which, even if at first glance they seem all right, but don't work for outdoor advertising. Always have in mind that in outdoor advertising you only have 5 seconds to impress your client. You can find more details about this in the section #How the graphic design should look.


Here, at Penta Media Advertising we pride ourselves with the role we play in the community and with the actions and ideas we can promote so we can improve it, make it more accepting and sensible to human challenges around us. 

Every year we involve ourselves in Campaigns of Social Responsibility and we are grateful every time we can help. Contact us and we can provide information, services and products, in the limitation of financial and technical possibilities at that moment in time.

If there are incidents related to your campaign, either the print material is damaged by weather or human malicious action, please contact us and we will solve the problem as soon as possible. We usually fix any problem within 48 hours.

If there are incidents related to your campaign, either the print material is damaged by weather or human malicious action, please contact us and we will solve the problem as soon as possible. We usually fix any problem within 48 hours. Even if you are not sure a certain billboard belongs to us, you can report to us problems that can endanger traffic, people passing by or the billboard itself. Please contact technical support at and we will try to answer you in the shortest time possible.

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