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It is a dynamic advertising method which attracts attention from the moving cars and from the pedestrians.


  • This kind of advertising addresses to drivers and passengers of the moving vehicles as well as pedestrians.
  • The LCD screens placed inside busses are for the passengers of the busses
  • The fact that the busses cross the cities several times a day, ensures long exposure
  • It is suitable for brand and product campaigns.

Transit advertising mainly refers to busses or other moving vehicles that can be customized.

The long time spent by these vehicles in traffic ensure long exposure and high impact because of the uniqueness.

The busses cross the town in low speed and have many stops along so the message can be easily read. Plus, it cannot be ignored because of the big dimensions of the display.

Depending on the layout you want, the foil applied to an adhesive can be of several types: printed transparent sticker, matte printed sticker, One Way Vision Printat, cutter sticker cutter.

The passengers of the busses usually don't have something to do while they travel with the bus, so placing an LCD inside the bus will definitely pull all eyes.

While passengers wait to reach their desired station, presentation videos for campaigns run on LCD screens. Depending on the city, between 10,000 and 100,000 people use public transport.


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