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Advertising prisms are stands of large dimensions that can be temporarily placed in central areas of a city, in parking lots, near avenues and busy intersections.


  • They can be placed in central area of cities where no other outdoor advertising can be
  • They pull eyes because of their impressive dimensions 3,00 x 4,00 m or 3,00 x 6,00 m
  • The base of the prism can be triangular, rectangular, polygonal or they can be screen type.
  • They are ideal for short campaigns, events or promotions.

Advertising prisms are temporary constructions that can be placed in central areas of cities where you cannot see any other advertising stands.

They attract because of the novelty feature and they are versatile because the position and location can be addapted by the client's needs. The standard prisms in our network are 3.00 x 6.00 m and 3.00 x 4.00 m, triangle based or rectangular.

The prisms are anchored with counterweights on the base of the construction. The dimension and position of the counterweights are determined by calculations of the wind action on the structure, made by specialists because such a big structure in a populated area can be a hazard if not made properly.

The ad structure consists of screw-assembled modules, and the display layout can be made of blockout material or printed frontlit, finished with hem and staples to anchor to the perimeter frame.

Our screen type advertising stand, which offers a wide display area is unique on the market. Due to its unfolded form, doesn't need counterweights or special fastening and can be used according to needs in areas with architectural restrictions.

The same screen type can be used for exhibits and cultural events in historically protected areas or in places where other advertising stands cannot be used.


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