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These are big billboards, highly visible for road traffic, placed right outside cities or along national roads.


  • Placed at the entrances in cities, along national roads
  • Dimensions: 6.00 x 3.00 m or 8.00 x 3.00 m
  • Suitable for local businesses and local landmarks
  • Ideal for brand awareness or brand launch
  • Exposed to high traffic with low costs

Unisigns have dimensions of 6.00 x 3.00 m or 8.00 x 3.00 m, they have a single lattice pole, asymmetrically placed. The two display supports are not parallel to each other, they are oriented in such a way that the visibility is the best from both directions of traffic.

Depending on the area and surroundings, they can have a height of 2.75 to 4.75 m to the panel. The structure has a novel and modern look because of the asymmetry inserted in its design. The entire structure is protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing so these billboards will look as good in 50 years after construction.

These billboards are located outside cities, in areas with high road traffic and are extremely efficient because of the big display and prime locations.

Quantifying the impact of a billboard is a task that needs to consider several variables: visibility, height, dimension, distance from the road, the type of road and its profile at the location and of course the graphic design.

The printed material for this billboard needs to be poliplan, blackout type in order to ensure visibility even when the sun shines behind the display.

It can be a very useful tool to inform of tourist attractions, brands, products and events in the city. It can show a location or promote a brand or service.

Billboards have the same dimensions as Unisigns, the difference being that they have two supports and have more of a classic look.


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