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What should you know before you start an OUTDOOR Campaign?

Most local companies have never tried outdoor advertising so they don't know what it entails for an ad to be displayed on a billboard. A lot of people consider this, a way of promotion only for big companies and the process of acquiring such services said to be difficult.

For a succesful campaign, the client must consider several aspects such as: the billboards must be located in a high visibility area, unobstructed by vegetation or buildings, the graphic design must be adapted for outdoor, consider other means of adverting to complement the outdoor ads, check if the advertising agency posess a construction permit for the said billboard so no problems arise during the campaign. advertising media să fie autorizate, astfel încât clientul să nu întâmpine probleme pe parcursul desfășurării campaniei.

We offer you four sections of information in hope of answering all your questions related to the start of an outdoor adverting campaign.

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