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Directional panels are small panels, ideal for information and directing. They are placed on electricity poles or on city lighting poles.


  • Always placed inside cities
  • Dimensions of 0.80 x 1.00 m
  • They guide potential clients towards the locations of the companies for which they are displayed.
  • The repetition of these panels ensures that people will remember the message, so in order for them to work, they have to be placed in large numbers.

Our directional panels are made according to standards STAS 831-2002, the dimensions are 0.80 x 1.00 m, they have a metal structure and the display is made of alucobond.

These directional panels are usually placed for a medium or long period of time for a close-by objective. The graphic design will contain data about the distance and direction where the said objective can be found. For example, if on a busy street we have 4 directional panels and the first one is closer to the objective and the second one is the farthest, the distance on each directional panel will be different, specifying the actual distance to the place we want people to go and we will have an arrow showing the direction.

The directional panels, even if they are small, they need to be built of durable materials because they are too affected by the wind action. They can also be box lights, with the same dimensions. They will have UV protected printed materials on both sides, considering the long period of exposure to sunlight.

It is recommended that the graphic design is very concise (eg Service, Hotel, Pharmacy) or, if possible using the conventional signs because these are easily understood by everyone.

It should be simple and suggestive, having contrasting elements so it can be noticed in a very short time (for auto and pedestrian traffic).


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