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You can find bus shelters all over the country and they are accessed every day by thousands of people waiting for a bus or just passing by.


  • They are quite efficient for products and services promotions
  • The graphic design can accommodate more text because the people that are waiting in a bus shelter have time to read the information
  • Ideal for directing people towards a location
  • Can be easily used for recruiting campaigns
  • Appropriate for presentation of the characteristics of a product

The bus shelters are spread all over the city and by that they offer coverage and reach to a large number of potential clients.

The dimensions of the posters display in bus shelters don't have standard dimensions because not all bus shelters are the same, so not all display spaces are the same. The graphic design for bus shelters can contain more text because a lot of people spend longer periods of time waiting for a bus, so they have time to read all the information.

The display material has to have a high quality of print sine is being read by up close and needs to provide ease in accessing the information.

Bus shelters offer the possibility of promoting products or services, of directing people towards a place of business, of recruiting and they are especially effective for promoting medical facilities.

The advantage in advertising in a bus shelter is that these commercials are being seen not only by people that are waiting for a bus, but also by people passing by - pedestrians or while driving.


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