The furniture manufacturing and retail market is an area in which very different companies operate, both locally and nationally. In this market, the importers are the competitors of the producers. 

This field is extremely competitive because of the international market. The companies that import furniture have access to a diversity of products that can satisfy any needs.

For the manufacturers is very hard to compete with the importers precisely because of the variety of products that importers have access to and low prices for certain category of products.

A lot of furniture manufacturing companies in Romania focused on high end products for internal and external market in order to avoid the competition and differentiate themselves from the companies that import low price products.

An effective marketing strategy increases the chances of the seller and also widens the pool of opportunities for the buyer. In what follows, we present to you a few effective advertising ideas.



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We have been working together with Penta Media for more than 3 years and during this time they have always been prepared with professional solutions that have helped us grow. We always call them with confidence and we are aware that for a company, the advertising is vital and we know that Penta Media values the importance of giving us the best advice."


Target audience
Is represented by individuals or companies who may be most interested in your product or service. Usually, these target groups can be categorized according to a set of criteria such as: age, gender, location, education, socio-economic status, needs. Identifying the target group for your product is necessary regardless of the advertising channel you choose.

For the furniture market, customers are individuals and companies. Manufacturing companies, most have as main customers other companies in the same field that sell their products. In addition to these, some furniture manufacturers also address end customers, individuals or companies in the country or abroad.

In addition to identifying your client's typology, you also need to identify locations, the areas where you are most likely to find them. How do you do that? Identify the needs, interests, areas where they need to spend their free time or, in the case of companies, the fairs, events or exhibitions in which they participate.

Examples of target advertising

1st case – Manufacturer of solid wood furniture
The areas where you can find a large number of your potential clients are residential neighborhoods, and cities with a lot of houses. The outdoor display should be more intensified in these areas, at the city’s entrances towards the other cities you are interested in and the center of the city (mall’s areas, nurseries and schools)

2nd case – Importer of residential furniture
The company should have the nucleus in the city, in the business or leisure areas. The outdoor display should be at the city’s entrances for the individuals that live in the residential areas around the city.

Understanding competition is an essential factor in marketing and advertising strategy for any type of business. Positioning your company in a crowded market can only be done by what differentiates you from other companies. Are you really different? Are your products or services slightly better than those offered by the competition? Anecdotally we can say that most of us think about our business that it stands out from the competition and that we have something special to offer customers, but maybe less than 10% we actually look and measure at what extent is this validated in the market.

Try to interact from the customer position with your competition, see if you have something to learn from the way they approach their customers.
Talk with their customers, but also with yours.It's interesting to find out what they like and don't like about your business and what you can improve.
In the digital age, the easiest way to research and know the competition is the Internet, where you have to do a thorough search, both related to products or services and customer opinions.

Examples of campaign preparation taking the competition into account:

1st case – Furniture manufacturer

You will need to focus on what sets you apart from other home furnishing companies. For many customers, it is important to buy customized furniture, either to fit the design of the room or to adapt to the size. Display your campaign on billboards that are more visible to people in residential areas. The graphics will have to capture the elements that differentiate you from the rest of the furniture manufacturers or sellers, and these could be: sending a team of professionals at the customer’s house in order to measure and perform simulations for the existing space that needs furnishing, the quality of your products, the fact that you customize the furniture, the transport and the assembly offered as free perks to the customer.

2nd case – Importer of residential furniture

Considering that there are a lot of companies that operate in the furniture retail market, you will have to base your decisions on the unique products and solutions that you offer. A lot of clients are looking for affordable products that have a modern and attractive design. The outdoor campaign can grow around the product diversity, design and quality and can emphasize the promotions that you offer.

In the case of an outdoor or any other advertising campaign, the establishment of your strengths starts from the study of the competition and from the real identification of your customers' needs. You don't just have to differentiate yourself from the competition, but you have to come up with solutions and products that help the evolution of the market and the satisfaction of your customers' needs.

In the case of a furniture manufacturer, your strengths can be: the ability to customize the furniture according to the customer’s needs and wishes, the existence of a consultancy department that can offer free advice to the customers, perks like free transport and assembly of furniture. Establish your strengths and design a campaign that emphasize them. Don’t use pictures with furniture because in the 5 seconds that the client has to see your billboard, is better for him to remember the name of the company or the brand and the fact that you are a manufacturer of furniture. You can fill in the name of your Internet site so the client can contact you and make an appointment for home consultancy.

In the case of furniture importers, the strengths can be the variety of products that can be offered from different suppliers and affordable prices for a few categories of your products. 

  • Clearly identify who is your target audience.
  • Display your campaign on billboards placed in the busiest parts of the city.
  • Display your campaign on billboards at entrances to the city where a lot of people are passing from other cities.
  • Target competition by exhibiting on billboards in their areas of interest.
  • Use outdoor advertising together with social media tools, in the graphic design of your outdoor campaign, insert your social media addresses. Online, use the adapted graphic design made for the billboards, so that the two displays can be easily associated, thus increasing your notoriety, 
  • Outdoor advertising goes hand in hand with online. Avoid displaying phone numbers on billboards, rather insert a site address to direct your audience to it. It must be easy to use and have a modern and airy look. The public will remember the name of the company or the name of the residential complex and will later search for them online, reaching your website, and if it is well done, there are great chances for them to contact you. 

It is important to have a discussion with us, in order for you to be sure that the promotion solution will meet your expectations.

We know that your ideas and vision are important and we always try to implement them as faithfully as possible in the campaign.

At the same time, it's important to trust the advertising agency who's goal is also to get the best results from your campaign. Sometimes, we will suggest you to give up ideas, images or colors that - although, at first glance, they seem fine - for outdoor advertising they don't work.

Think that you only have 5 seconds to impress the customer with a billboard. You can find out more in the #How the graphic design should look.

It would be ideal for you to establish a budget that you want to allocate to the campaign, at least for the next 6 months, and then, depending on the response you have following this promotion, to supplement it.

The implementation of the advertising campaign is designed to work as easily as possible for you. We take care of everything.

After establishing together the areas of interest, the target audience and the campaign budget, we select, also together, those advertising spaces that best value your business. You will be able to view the proposed advertising supports, interactively, on a map with GPS positions, pictures and information about the audience and points of interest in the vicinity of that billboard.

We establish together the promotion strategy, the campaign interval and the graphic design. Through simulations actually placed over a picture of a billboard similar to the one you choose for promotion, you will be able to figure out what the implemented campaign will look like #how the graphic design should look like.

Afterwards, we take care of the #printing of the advertising materials for the billboard. We can also offer you free print samples. The next step is to install the printed materials on the billboards. After the campaign is implemented, you will receive an installation report, which also contains photos of the ready installed banners on the billboards.

We suggest you follow the results of your campaign in order to quantify the return on investment in the outdoor advertising. How can you do this? Simple, when you interact by email or phone with a new customer, you always ask them how they came to contact you..

It is also important to pay attention to the overlapping or intersecting effect of different promotion methods, as many customers will be inclined to say that they found out about you from the online environment, even if the decision to contact you or find out more about you came after viewing an outdoor campaign.

Online is complementary to outdoor: the customer can retain your brand or product on the billboard and act later, looking for information online about your company.



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