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"Colaborarea cu Penta Media Advertising a fost exact ce căutam pentru business-ul nostru. Am găsit in personalul lor profesionalism, dedicare și creativitate. Sunt mereu prompți iar rezultatele oferite au fost tot timpul pe măsura așteptărilor. Recomandăm ca parteneri de afaceri ."

Campaign objective

The Value Center brand represents a chain of shopping centers opened in Romania by foreign investors. The last two locations were opened in Baia Mare in 2018 and in Zalău in 2019.

Considering that this is a fairly new brand on the Romanian market, the client wanted to become known in order to have the main shops in the two areas.

Implemented Campaign

In order to promote the two openings, in Baia Mare and Zalău, we used outdoor billboards and flyers distribution on the street and mailed in.

After the opening campaign we organized and we promoted monthly or bimonthly events in order to arise notoriety of the brand.

The two shopping centers still have a constant outdoor presence combined with an online campaign and flyer distribution, promotions for the shops in the centers, keeping a close relation with its clients.
Baia Mare Value Centre - Retea de magazine
Centru comercial

Type: Brand awareness campaign

Client/Brand: Value Centre

Services and solutions: Outdoor regional advertising services, DTP, display materials


"The business relationship with Penta Media Advertising was exactly what we were looking for. We found professionalism, dedication and creativity. They are always prompt in responses and the results were always up to our expectations. We do recommend them as business partners."
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