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Campaign objective

The Ebespächer concern that has in its portfolio manufacturers of specific equipment and parts for the automotive industry has decided to develop the first national communication campaign at the end of 2016 for products specific to the transport industry, respectively stationary car heaters.

The proposed campaign aims to increase the notoriety of the relatively new brand on the Romanian market and increase sales compared to the previous year. 

Implemented Campaign

Our proposal took into account both the range of products promoted and the creation of a quick link for the target audience, so that they can easily associate the product with its area of use.

Also, given the fact that the brand, although known, was relatively new on the Romanian market, it was necessary, in addition to displaying the company logo, the phrase "150 years of innovation" to highlight the longevity of the brand.

The outdoor campaign was carried out mainly on Unipol type supports, but we also made directional ones to guide customers more easily to the headquarters. Considering that it was addressed to a target that transits the national roads, the counties where the campaign took place were: Vâlcea, Sibiu, Dolj, Brașov, Cluj, Timiș, Maramureș, Satu Mare, Alba.
Producător de încălzitoare staționare
Type: Product campaign, brand awareness campaign

Client/Brand: Eberspächer RO

Services and solutions:

Concept creativ, outdoor display, materiale publicitare, signalistică.


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