Campaign objective

Polaris Medical is a private treatment and recovery clinic, a modern facility with state of the art technology and the only one of its kind in Romania. The elite medical staff of Polaris Medical Cluj offers complex medical services and a holistic approach of the pacient, combining treatment for body, mind and soul.

Connected medical services, as psychological evaluation and counseling, speech therapy, tobacco addiction counseling, occupational therapy, make up the concept of customized medical recovery.

The client wants to be well known in Cluj and surrounding counties.

Implemented Campaign

The campaign was designed to roll on big advertising stands, Unipole advertising and Prism advertising.

The prisms were placed in the immediate areas of big city hospitals in order to attract the target autience more efficiently.
Centru medical

Type: Brand awareness campaign and location

Client/Brand: Polaris

Services and solutions: Outdoor advertising services, DTP, advertising materials 

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